GAE in Jail - Python+Javascript libraries for quickly GAE development

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GAE in Jail aims to help you on building Google App Engine application quickly. 

The set of scripts were design to play on both sides (client/server) improving the way you integrate the model/controller (server side) and views (client side). 

As many other open source project, it is based on your feedback of use to be designed, implemented and improved.

It is not finished, and hope it never will. In other words, it will be always opened for new features and challenges

The sample gadget is rendering the same demo application (contacts entry). 

Just click on cell you want to change and start typing a new content for it. Click on save button to Save.

City Names needs to match with one of the already recorded city. You can't change City Code, Population or Doctors since they will be also loaded from the database as soon as you change the City Name content.

Phone Types are also pre-defined: HOME, MOBILE, PAGER, VOIP and WORK


Project page:

+ Gae in Jail

+ Source code

+ Demo