CamZ - Snapshot your screen

postado em 24 de abr. de 2013 09:13 por Marco Aurelio Zoqui   [ 25 de abr. de 2013 16:10 atualizado‎(s)‎ ]

A light weight application for screen capture for MS Windows.

  • Multi-Monitor support
  • Clipboard and File system storage
  • Portable - no installation
  • Four different image file formats (png, jpg, gif and bmp)


Installation and use:

  1. Open the windows explorer and create the C:\Program Files\zoqui folder
  2. Download and uncompress the into the C:\Program Files\zoqui folder
  3. Double click it to execute for the first time
  4. Click on the left top corner of the area your want to save; keep the button pressed when selecting the area
  5. Release the button to finish the selection ()
  6. Inform the name / file format you want to save the image and confirm the option by pressing the save button


  • By keeping the Control Key pressed when selecting the area, the screenshot is copied into the clipboard area;
  • ALT+D - ask for adding a DESKTOP shortcut;
  • ALT+Q - ask for adding a QUICK LAUNCH shortcut;