LibDep - MS VS C++ graphical component dependency

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This project aims to generate a graphical overview of all dependent libraries of a C++ MS Studio Solution source directory. It is hard to find a way to quickly check which how many libraries are linked to one project. You can now include this script as part of your dOxygen module documentation. The output of its rendering process is a set of html files and images that allow you to quickly check dlls dependencies.

Project page


Py2Html - A MS Windows version of nice pygments python script.

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The py2html is a very simple MS Windows executable file that highlights your python code in nice HTML files. 
It make use of the pygment modules to highlight the code, but you don't need to install the pygment or have python interpreter installed. 

The pygmentize python (unix like script) was converted in py2html.exe by py2exe (thanks
therefore all options applicable to pygmentize is also applicable to py2html

Compare the linux pygmentize statement and MS Windows py2html.exe version:

linux pygmentize command line for a html div:

$pygmentize -f html -o test.html

MS Windows py2html command line for a html div:

py2html -f html -o test.html

yeah, sounds good, uh?!

Please, try out some of the following combinations:


Generating the complete html code:

       py2html -f html -O style=colorful,linenos=1 -l python

       py2html -O full,style=emacs -o setup.html


Generating a stylesheet (css) to be included in your html file

       py2html -f html -S colorful -a .syntax

See more examples at:

more scripts:

  • Database Conversion Tools:

    download file: SqlServer PostgreSQL Conversion

    • PostgreSQL to SQL Server database conversion
      cscript pg2ms.vbs

    • SQL Server to PostgreSQL database conversion
      cscript ms2pg.vbs

Now that you are ready to download it

Many thanks to: 
  • Georg Brand and Armin Ronacher - Pygments is the best
  • Thomas Heller, Jimmy Retzlaff, Mark Hammond - py2exe is unique!!!
marco A zoqui

GAE in Jail - Python+Javascript libraries for quickly GAE development

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GAE in Jail aims to help you on building Google App Engine application quickly. 

The set of scripts were design to play on both sides (client/server) improving the way you integrate the model/controller (server side) and views (client side). 

As many other open source project, it is based on your feedback of use to be designed, implemented and improved.

It is not finished, and hope it never will. In other words, it will be always opened for new features and challenges

The sample gadget is rendering the same demo application (contacts entry). 

Just click on cell you want to change and start typing a new content for it. Click on save button to Save.

City Names needs to match with one of the already recorded city. You can't change City Code, Population or Doctors since they will be also loaded from the database as soon as you change the City Name content.

Phone Types are also pre-defined: HOME, MOBILE, PAGER, VOIP and WORK


Project page:

+ Gae in Jail

+ Source code

+ Demo

ConCal - Contacts and Calendar are finally integrated

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ConCal is a Google Chrome extension that makes easy for you to search your contacts when adding a new event.

Special designed for health clinics which needs to quickly book patients for the next visit and don't want to open several pages to conclude this simple task.

CamZ - Snapshot your screen

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A light weight application for screen capture for MS Windows.

  • Multi-Monitor support
  • Clipboard and File system storage
  • Portable - no installation
  • Four different image file formats (png, jpg, gif and bmp)


Installation and use:

  1. Open the windows explorer and create the C:\Program Files\zoqui folder
  2. Download and uncompress the into the C:\Program Files\zoqui folder
  3. Double click it to execute for the first time
  4. Click on the left top corner of the area your want to save; keep the button pressed when selecting the area
  5. Release the button to finish the selection ()
  6. Inform the name / file format you want to save the image and confirm the option by pressing the save button


  • By keeping the Control Key pressed when selecting the area, the screenshot is copied into the clipboard area;
  • ALT+D - ask for adding a DESKTOP shortcut;
  • ALT+Q - ask for adding a QUICK LAUNCH shortcut;

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